Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obama Ale

Dun dun dadun dun dadun dadun dadun dun.

That's right, hail to the motherbrewing chief. Let's get one thing straight: Barry O'Brewer is not a good brewer. He leads the free world, so I don't hold it against him, but he's got a ways to go before he brews like Tommy K. You can find two of his recipes here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2012/09/01/ale-chief-white-house-beer-recipe. Behold the true power of the Freedom of Information Act.

Anyway, I frequent two homebrewing stores; one down here in Austin and then the one where I used to work when I'm back home. Both of them say that orders for Barack's brews are flying off the shelves. Unfortunately, his recipe is meant for beginning brewers and you can tell that they were made by some homebrew shop or beginning book and need some tweaking. Also, who boils the Honey with the Malt? Wow.

I made my own version. I wanted it out for the election, but was too slow so I only recently tapped it. I don't like my version very much. Technically it's fine, but the recipe needs a lot of tweaking and Honey Ales aren't something I crave very often, so it's likely I won't brew it again for a long time. Anyway, mine's too dark. It has a pretty copper color, but I wanted it lighter and I should've know that my Specialty Grains were too dark. It's also too sweet. It either needs more Hops to balance, or I shouldn't have used the 1 lb. of Honey in the secondary. Really, the Honey Malt imparts all the Honey flavor this beer would've needed. Similarly, it's too strong. President Obama's is strong too, clocking in around 5.8% if I remember correctly. Mine's pushing 7%. It's too much. Simmer down, remember that Honey Ales should be light, slightly sweet, and refreshing, and don't try to one up the Commander in Chief.

President Tommy K's Honey Ale

11 lb. American 2-Row
1 lb. White Wheat
12 oz. Crystal 40
8 oz. Biscuit
8 oz. Honey Malt

1 oz. Kent Goldings 6.7% AA 60 min.
0.5 oz. Fuggles 4.8% AA 10 min.
0.5 oz. Fuggles 4.8% AA 5 min.

Safale US-05

1 lb. Honey

Mash at 149 for 60 minutes. Collect 7 gallons batch sparging. Ferment at 68. Add the Honey when racking to the secondary.

Brewed: 10/19/12
OG: 1.060 (1.060 on Hydrometer and 15.5 on Refractometer)
This is before adding the 1lb of Honey.  

Racked: 11/2/12
SG: ???
Added 1 lb. Honey with about 1 quart of water

Kegged: 11/17/12
FG: 1.009

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