Thursday, December 6, 2012

Excellent Green Salsa a la Breakfast Tacos

Sometimes you just need to sit back, be willing to show up a little late to class, and chow down on some killer Breakfast Tacos. It all started around noon yesterday when I went to the grocery store to buy 10 pounds of Sweet Potatoes for my Sweet Potato Ale. Mmm.... can't wait. Although I've got to say, peeling and roasting 10 pounds of potatoes is a way bigger hassle than dealing with 2 or 3 Pumpkins.

In any case, the HEB had a deal where if you buy a pack of Bacon you'd get a free pound of Italian Sausage. I had no reason to buy either, but together it all made sense; I'd make delicious pasta with the Italian Sausage and save the Bacon for the next morning when I would put it on a Breakfast Taco. All I needed to do was make some Salsa and Beans first.

Breakfast Tacos

Green Avocado Salsa:

3 Tomatillos
3 JalapeƱos
1 Poblano Pepper
5 Cloves Garlic
0.75 Onion
1 Avocado

Roast the Tomatillos, JalapeƱos, Poblano, Garlic, and Onion for 375 for about an hour (it was covered, so it wasn't really roasted). Then pulverize them with the Avocado, Spices, and Salt in a food processor. Simply incredible.


1 c. Dry Black Beans
0.5 c. Dry Pinto Beans
1 Bunch Cilantro
Salt and Pepper
3.5 c. Water

Rinse and wash the Beans. Then combine everything and let slow cook for about 5 hours in a crock pot. Then mash them Hulk style.

Breakfast Tacos:

3 Eggs
4 Tortilla
4 Strips of Bacon
Shredded Cheese

Cook the Bacon. Cook the Tortillas (I always buy the pre-made but uncooked Tortillas and then cook them on my stove). Drain most of the Bacon Grease and then scramble the Eggs in whatever remains. Put everything on a Taco and enjoy breakfast for once.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pumpkin Ale

The semester is almost over. It went really quickly and was relatively easy. I say this, of course, before seeing most of my grades, but I'm optimistic. Of course, I do have a paper and presentation due on Monday that I pretty much haven't started, but you know that's not going to stop me from adding Sweet Potatoes to my Sweet Potato Ale, making some pasta, a bomber salsa, playing Halo, boozing it up a little, going to a holiday party, and going to see the Mountain Goats play today. Sure I have a quiz tomorrow morning and a couple group papers due in the afternoon. It's not like that's going to stop me from going to happy hour for student life and then a birthday party. Of course I have another birthday party Friday night and then two parties Saturday. Yeah, life's not too bad. Oh, and did I mention that it looks like I'll be interning for one of the most powerful democrats in the Texas legislature starting in a couple weeks? 

Since I keep bragging about my pumpkin ale, check it out:

Pumpkin Ale

12 lb. Hugh Baird Marris Otter 
1.2 lb. Vienna 
0.6 lb. White Wheat
0.6 lb. Caramunich 

1 oz Northdown 5.0% AA (60 min) 
½ oz Perle 7.8% AA (10 min) 
½ oz Perle 7.8% AA (5 min)

1 tbsp Yeast Nutrient (15 min)
1 Whirlfloc Tablet (15 min)

12 oz. Molasses         (3 min)
0.5 cups Brown Sugar (3 min)

2 tsp Cinnamon (1 min) 
½ tsp Ground Ginger (1 min) 
½ tsp Nutmeg (1 min) 
½ tsp Allspice (1 min)
8 cloves (1 min) 

2.5 Pumpkin Pie Pumpkins roasted for 1 hr. at 375, scraped out of their skin, and racked upon. Added at racking.

Mash at 150 for 60 min. 1 qt/lb. Batch sparged 2 batches 2.5 gallons each at 174, 15 min. rest.

Brewed: 10/12/2012
OG: 1.068 based on a refractometer reading of 17 Brix. About 5.5 gallons in the primary.

Racked (and added pumpkin): 10/19/12
SG: 1.010

Kegged: 11/16/12
FG: 1.009

And it is awesome.