Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Seeds and a Poem for You

I did my CIA Crisis Simulation today. We were analysts. It was super fun, but I learned no clandestine maneuvers  ...or did I?! So I was going to go to a bar with some friends afterward, but ran into one of my absolute favorite people in grad school walking home, shoes in her hand since she always wears heels and is way too professional to be my friend, although somehow it works nicely. Anyway, I could gush about how great she is, but I won't any longer. What's important is that she inspires me to want to be better and so my interpretation of that is "go home and write for fun." I opened my "My Writing" folder and stumbled upon my folder of poetry. I haven't added to it in years, but I found the following gem that is worthy of being published and I feel like this esteemed website is a perfect spotlight:

I <3 Nintendo GameCube You

I want you like Nintendo GameCube-  

In my bedroom and always on!
Sometimes I’d have to push pause to keep you from overheating,
And occasionally I’d have to let my thumbs rest from pushing your buttons so much, <growl>
But bottom-line, I’d like to put my cartridge in your system and hit start!
We’d be able to play DVDs like the video made by
Pamela and Tommy Lee,
But why watch those when I’ve got you and you’ve got me?
It’s illegal to download movies, but for you, babe, I’d make an exception.
Paramount Pictures would come and say,
“Hey, have you been stealing our movies?”
And I’d say, “Your movies aren’t objects, man, she can make her own decisions!”
And you’d grab me and say, “I want you, even if it is illegal and forbidden.”
Grr, that’s sexy!
Oh how I wish you were a Nintendo Gamecube and I were a video-game-playing-nerd. 

Pumpkin Seeds

Seeds of 3 Pie Pumpkins
3 Limes
Olive Oil

Scoop the Seeds out of a few Pumpkins. Soak them in some Water for a few minutes and clean the Pumpkin flesh off of them as best you can by running your hands through them. Drain the Water and let them dry for a few minutes. They'll still be wet, but it's no big deal. Heat some Olive Oil and fry them on the stove constantly (no joke) stirring them. Add more Oil if necessary. Periodically squeeze Lime Juice on them and Salt them to taste. This is so much faster, easier, and better than trying to bake them. I felt like I had complete control over how dark they got, and they had much better consistency than I've ever achieved before!

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