Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Pie

Many blog posts will come out of today. For one, I'm brewing the White House Honey Ale. I won't post about it until it's fermented, carbonated, and in a glass looking sexy as hell, but take heart that I'm a much better brewer than President Obama.

I'm also making Chili for tomorrow's Chili Cook-Off at the tailgate. I'm pretty stoked, but I'm changing my recipe completely. Depending on how late it gets tomorrow and how much I imbibe, I won't post anything for at least a day or two, but rest assured, I'm playing to win and I'm going to want to remember it. By the way, I'm playing Brad Paisley to maintain my tailgating ass-kicking mood.

If you guys remember, I promised last year to post the recipe for my unbelievably successful Pumpkin Pie. I'm pretty sure I never posted it. If I did, well, then you're in for round two. It's so good, that you should make it even if you don't like Pumpkin Pie!

Why so many Pumpkins, you ask? Last week I made my crowd-pleasing Pumpkin Ale, but until this afternoon it was really just Pumpkin Spice Ale. I roasted three Pumpkins and smashed two and a half of them into a smooth pulp in the bottom of my secondary that I racked my Beer onto. It's already fermenting again! The other half Pumpkin...

Pumpkin Pie

Pureed Flesh of Half of a Roasted Pumpkin
14 oz. can Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 Egg
Dribble of Vanilla

To roast the Pumpkin, cut it in half and put flesh down on a baking pan with a tiny amount of water. Roast at 375 for an hour.

Mix everything together, the Spices to taste. I prefer a fair amount of Spice. Pour into a Pie Crust (I froze some Pie Crust last time I made a Pie or Quiche or something a few weeks ago and am using that). Then bake the Pie at 375 for about an hour. By the way, my recipe's better than the one to the left. Serve with fresh Whipped Cream.* And love it.

*I'm using normal Whipping Cream instead of Heavy Whipping Cream. I did this because it was a dollar cheaper, but it turned out really well and I will use the non-heavy Whipping Cream from now on.

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  1. Can I get some of the White House brew? Or some of the Pumpkin Ale? Btw, I'm tempted to start brewing if I can get my hands on a brew kit - if/ when I finally do, I'm hitting you up for the best of brew recipes.
    And please do try my veg recipes! I like it when people incorporate more veggies into their cooking. Especially the weird veggies!