Monday, June 11, 2012


Last Friday evening I hosted a dinner for a small group of new Teach for America teachers. I haven't hosted much recently, and coupled with the fact that I'm on summer vacation and haven't had much to do recently, I took advantage of the time to make a really killer meal of make-your-own pizza, salad, and cheesecake for dessert. It went over well.

On a sexy personal note, the male-to-female ratio in TFA is stellar for guys. Of the eight new teachers I hosted (and I had no say in who I hosted), seven were women. Two were spectacularly attractive, and one of those two seemed to be at least mildly interested in me. Of course I'm moving to Austin shortly and will never see her again, but that didn't stop my unconscious mind from thinking about her as I was drifting to sleep that night. No harm done, right? Wrong. She has the same name as one of my best male friends. So there I was falling asleep, letting my mind wander a little... you know how it is... and sure enough my brain has to say her name and then my stupid unconscious has to flash an image of my friend. It couldn't have lasted for more than a split second, but that was long enough. Talk about an awkward night's sleep.


I used the following recipe:

Do not use the crust. It falls apart and is bland. I don't know what to suggest in its stead, but I'm going to find something else next time. I followed the directions and left the cake in the oven for hours afterward, but it still cracked. You might as well stick it in the fridge right away as far as I can tell. Also this recipe makes a GIANT cheesecake. You'd probably be better off cutting everything in half and making a smaller one.

For the topping:

1 lb. Frozen Strawberries
0.25 c. Sugar

Slice the Strawberries and let sit in the Sugar for a while. The Sugar draws out the juices and makes for a sweet and gloppy topping. Sorry that I forgot to take a picture of an actual slice with the topping, but you can probably imagine that it tastes pretty good. It does.

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