Friday, June 29, 2012

Bloody Ginger

It's been peer reviewed; the Bloody Ginger's a hit!

Also a tap.

This is another two-part post. The first part is for the Bloody Ginger, a refreshing drink for the summer, but with enough Cinnamon to be warming, I would suspect, in the fall and winter. The basis for this drink is the popular Caribbean and African drink, the nonalcoholic Ginger Beer. I got the idea after trying a Ginger Beer that my coworker's "adapted" son brought in to school one day. My version is absolutely nowhere near as good as his, but I'm working on it and for now it's not bad. I didn't ask for the recipe for my coworker's son's version, because he's starting to sell it at Central Market and other specialty shops, but she did tell me that it's an all-day affair when he makes it, and mine takes just an hour or so and could probably be done faster if I weren't so darn lazy. On it's own right it's delicious (essentially just a Ginger Tea, but I like the way Ginger Beer sounds more). It's spicy, and even though it's not carbonated you get the burning sensation of carbonation in your throat as it goes down.

Before I get to that recipe, however, I want to show off the Bloody Ginger, just one of many drinks I'm sure you could make with a Ginger Beer mixer.

Bloody Ginger

Equal Parts:
Pimms #1 (an English Liquor that clocks in at 25% ABV, so not too bad)
Ginger Beer (see recipe below)
Tonic Water
Slice of Lime or Mint

Fill a long tall glass with ice. (My glass was a little big, but whatevs.) Pour in Pimms #1, Ginger Beer, and Tonic Water in that order and stir. Garnish with a slice of Lime or Mint. Kick back and enjoy.

Ginger Beer (Nonalcoholic) 

3 Big Ginger Roots
1/3 c. Sugar
4 Cloves
2" Stick of Cinnamon
Juice of Half of a Lime
2 quarts Water

Bring the Water to a boil. While that is happening, peel the Ginger and soften a little bit by pounding it. Once Water is boiling, add the Ginger and let boil for an hour. Dissolve the Sugar at the end of the boil. Remove from the heat and add the Cloves and Cinnamon. Chill and then pour into a container. Squeeze in the Lime Juice, mix and enjoy.

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