Monday, April 16, 2012

Bluebonnet Brewoff Results

My neighbor received my Bluebonnet scorecards in the mail today. Very fortunate for me, because nobody else in the complex knows who I am. He's a good guy. I've got to get him interested in Preacher, the comic series from the mid to late 90's and early 2000's that totally kicks ass. Anyhow, seeing as how I routinely mention my beers, I figured I should post my results for you guys. I knew the Strong Dark was young. I saved a few bottle's for next year's competition for that very reason. The Saison got to the second round as I expected, but didn't get me where I needed to be. I need to be more careful about this oxidation thing. I don't taste it, but I got dinged for it last year as well. Okay, okay, enough of my rambling, my scorecards will do the talking for me!

***If you really are interested in reading my comments, you may have to save the images first and then look at them. Let me know if you know how to get Blogger to be a little more cooperative with these photos!

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