Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chicken Baked in Beer and Herbs

I went out with this girl Laura last week and had a great time. I thought she enjoyed herself as well, but I've called her twice since our date (spaced out over five days- I'm not a stalker) and she hasn't responded, so I guess that's that. I'm not quite sure why, but it's her loss. At least that's what I always tell myself. Always. At some point I would like to actually be in a relationship, but maybe that's too much to ask for.

Yesterday I taught Saturday school, went to my monthly gaming session and finally won my first game of Risk Legacy, and then hung out with a couple of my friends and their wives. We watched "What's Your Number" which was horribly predictable and dumb, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. I cuddled with my friend's dog.

Today I graded papers, did laundry and dishes, cooked dinner, and will hopefully get to bed early without having completed all the school work I really needed to complete. At least grades are more or less done.

Chicken Baked in Beer and Herbs

In any case, this is the first recipe I've tried off of the newsletter I get every month:

It is simple and easy and I enjoyed it. My take on "herbs de provence" were a mixture of rosemary, basil, crushed fennel seeds, thyme, and rubbed sage. The beer I used was Ska Brewing's Buster Nut Brown Ale. I thought it was a pretty tasty brown ale, but ratebeer disagreed. I don't know if that's because I can't tell the difference between good and bad beer or if I just don't drink enough brown ales to differentiate anymore. I used 4 Carrots and included about 2 tsp of Juniper Berries, because I had them and why not!

It's a really good recipe. Normally I wouldn't cook my chicken at 400 for a full hour, but I did and the beer caramelized and the dish is delicious. Thank you!

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