Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wurstfest Bestweekend

Welcome to my weekend. Prost!

4:45 pm: Leave School
4:50 pm: Buy Crickets for Daxos
5:15 pm: Return Home, Feed Daxos, Shave, Gather Brews and Such
6:05 pm: Hit the Road
8:00 pm: Try Recommended BBQ in Italy, TX.

A friend from my old teaching gig told me once that the best BBQ he'd ever had was at a truck stop somewhere off of I-35 on the way to Dallas. He couldn't remember the name of the place, but knew that it was next to a "spaceship." I'd done the drive a bunch of times and had no idea what he was talking about, but have kept an eye out for it ever since. Finally, two years and at least twelve passes up and down I-35 later I found it, sitting there right next to the "Spaceship Pegasus." I stopped. I would've taken a picture, but it was dark and I was in a hurry. I ate their BBQ sandwich plate and it was fine. It wasn't anything special, but the sweet taste of completing an epic quest more than compensated.

9:50 pm: Arrive in Austin
10:15 pm: Partake in Surprise Party for Old Friend

12:30 am: Arrive at Barbarella.

Dude, Barbarella is the coolest dance club ever! It's a giant hipster bar (and who doesn't love hipster girls with their bangs and nonchalant ambivalence). They have multiple dance floors- the intimate upstairs one jamming the same 80s music as the sweaty downstairs one, and the boss outdoor floor where the DJ rocked Daft Punk, Foster the Children, and grooves that I couldn't help but dance to under the fractured light of the full moon as it romped through the branches of Barbarella's live oaks.

2:30 am: Fall Asleep
10:00 am: Wake Up, Listen to the Yale-Princeton Game, Grade Papers

Yale won!

2:45 pm: Grab Mexican Food for Lunch.
3:40 pm: Jester King

Jester King's a ten month old brewery in Southwest Austin. They make decent beers. I like their Black Metal Stout. For $5 we got the glass that you see below (Cantaloupe-Berry Smoothie: 1 c. Frozen Cantaloupe, 1 c. Frozen Berries, and Milk. Blend. Enjoy.) and beer. The brewery's nothing special, and I'm a little alarmed by how clean and nice everything is there. It looks more like a California winery than anything beer-related. We enjoyed our brews under mesquite trees and warm November sun before heading to...

6:00 pm: Wurstfest!!!

Wurstfest is a Sausagefest of epic proportions. We parked and before we'd even gotten to the gate, a random vendor was handing us free beer- which was awesome, because the line to get in was pretty long. Haha, sausage... long... Anyway, Wurstfest is located on the banks of the beautiful Comal River in Landa Park, New Braunfels, TX. It's a giant celebration of sausage and beer. Oompah bands galore.

Extraordinarily beautiful Texas beer wenches. I met an alumnus of the school where I currently teach. I met an attractive Yale grad who's a teacher in Houston. I drank pitcher of Oktoberfest and ate an amazing plate of ham-hocks, sauerkraut, beans and potato!

12:00 am: Fall Asleep in the Car.
1:00 am: Wake Up.
1:01 am: Fall Asleep Inside

10:00 am: Do Laundry
3:00 pm: Drive Home

Overall I enjoy driving, but today was one of those rare drives that transcends anything we should be able to do in the material world. With 90.5 KUT playing folk music and the windows rolled down to let in the 80 degree air, I felt more like I was floating than anything else. I had to take a picture for all of you.

8:00 pm: Write Blog Entry About the Wurstfest/Bestweekend

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