Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cabrito Guisado

I dined with an old friend tonight. She was actually the first girl that I ever went on a date with, although we didn't determine that it was officially a "date" until many years later. Tonight was not a date; just two old friends taking advantage of the fact that they were in the same city to catch up a little. Still, she's every bit as lovely as I've always found her despite the fact that my first impression was "she's not as pretty as I remember." I quickly realized that I was blind. I always tell myself that I'm not attracted to women that I clearly am attracted to. That's my tell. If I tell you that I don't find a pretty woman pretty, then you can be pretty sure that I want them all-encompassingly (even if that's not a real word).

AnYwHo, I made some Cabrito Guisado the other day which I highly recommend to anyone with tastebuds. Cabrito, by the way, is sexy for goat. Guisado is a stew or something along those lines. Put it on a tortilla and shove it in your mouth.

Cabrito Guisado

3 lb. Goat Meat from the Asian Grocery Store (because it's cheaper that way and they chop it into nice cubes for you)
2 Jalapenos cut into long quarters
8 Cloves Garlic minced
2 tsp El Cumino
Salt and Pepper

Fry the Garlic and Cumin in Oil and quickly brown the Cabrito. Pour the spiced Goat into a slow cooker, Salt and Pepper it to taste, put the Jalapeno slices on top, put maybe a cup or so worth of Water into the slow cooker, and let cook all day. When you arrive home turn it into a taco. Impress your friends or blog about it.

***Word of caution: Watch out for bones.

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