Thursday, June 2, 2011

School's Out Salad

School's out. Basically. No more kids, but I have to show up tomorrow for a meeting and to finish cleaning my room as well as to take care of a couple other things, but I can handle that. By this time tomorrow I'll be on my own for the next couple months. So why don't I feel fantastic? Maybe I can figure this out over summer.

School's Out Salad with a Honey Vinaigrette

Couple Handfuls Salad Greens
1/4 c. Broken Pecans
1 Handful Blackberries
1 Handful Raspberries
1 Peach Sliced
1 Tomato Sliced

Couple Dashes Olive Oil
Couple Dashes Balsamic Vinegar
Spoonful Honey

Mix Olive Oil, Vinegar, and Honey and spread over Salad Greens topped with Fruit. Enjoy with Petrus Oud Bruin Ale Aged in Oak Casks. It's not the best beer in the world (a little watery and one dimensional), but it's sour cherry flavor perfectly compliments a salad like mine.

***I'm sure that if I were in a different state of mind I would never have written a recipe for a salad. What has my life come to?

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  1. life, she is a funny kind of creature, is she not?