Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Sausage

Trying to detox after a solid weekend of drinking and partying. Congratulations go out to Kevin and his lovely wife on their marriage. I hope my friends and I didn't embarrass them too much yesterday. Also, who knew just how short lived can be the lives of three flasks when shared by twice as many friends. The night before was the rehearsal dinner which was even more drunken than the wedding in no small part thanks to the culmination of my school year. Right now the Mavs are down by 5. I hope they can pull this and the series out, but who knows. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the game, food, and lesser toxic drinks like OJ and water.

Edit: The Mavs lost. I really can't stand Miami.

Bacon Wrapped Sausage

Cut up Onion and saute with a little Cumin and Cayenne*
Wrap a couple pieces of Thick Cut Bacon around a Sausage and place into sauteing Onion
Serve on a toasted Bolillo Roll with Sour Cream and Cheese

*If you have Jalapenos you should saute them, too. Sadly, I'm out.

***This is not a healthy dinner. Enjoy!

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