Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Catch

And we will not go out. I tried. I'm a good catch. Her loss.

School is wearing me out. The kids are worn out. They've had too many tests recently. I'm tired of giving them. Fortunately, my dinner this evening was relatively fast and easy to make. I got the recipe from "The Way To Cook" by Julia Child for poached trout. I'm so used to making frozen salmon fillets that I bought in a big bag for $9.99 that I'd forgotten what real fish tastes like. I should rephrase that: most fish I eat is either fried or baked (my usual method with salmon) and I rarely eat delicate fish like trout despite the fact that I absolutely love it. Tonight was a nice change of pace, I'll have to make it a regular part of my rotation. Here's the recipe:

Poached Trout

Use enough Water to fill a pan (I used an enameled cast-iron pot) about 3 inches deep and bring to a boil. Add 1.5 tsp Salt and 3 tbs Red Wine Vinegar per quart of Water required. Lower heat so the Water is almost but not quite boiling and gently submerge Rainbow Trout Fillets. After 3-4 minutes, remove Trout and place on a paper towel to dry off. Drizzle melted Butter and Lemon on top and sprinkle with Dried Parsley. This is the best fish I've had in ages. The skin was phenomenal too!

The greens are sauteed Swiss Chard. Rinse a bunch of Chard and cut into more manageable pieces. Saute in a small amount of Olive Oil and Salt and Pepper. Wilt nicely, but leave it slightly crunchy or else it has what I consider to be an undesirable texture. All in all this was a spectacularly good meal!

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