Saturday, April 2, 2011

Post Ride Ribs and Nurishment

I'm training for the Bike MS: Sam's Club- a two day 153 mile ride to raise money for MS. I've done some fairly serious riding in the past, but that was, well, in the past. I did a 43 mile ride today. It's the longest ride I've done since the second to last day of my cross country bike trip a year and a half ago when I tried to do a 150 mile ride in one day just to get home. I would've done it, too, had it not gotten dark, but I fell a few miles short and ended the day with 135 miles under me. But like I said, that was a while ago. Today's ride made me want to cry. To be fair, that 135 mile ride made me want to cry, too. I was so sore from that ride that it hurt for the next week after I got home every time I tried to bend my legs to get onto the couch or in my car. Today won't be that bad for sure, but it reminds me of those first few days of my bike trip where I struggled each day to hit 40 miles. I was walking up hills, napping on benches, and trying to figure why I was in the middle of Connecticut and New York with just my bike and the random junk I could carry with me. At least this time I know why I'm riding!

The one really nice thing about big rides like these- or one of the nice things- is that it gives you an appetite like nothing you've ever experienced before. I remember going to buffets on my bike trip where I almost felt bad for the restaurants since I ate so much. Today was no exception. More because ribs sounded good when I was at the grocery store yesterday than foresight, I put a rack in the crock pot before I left for Saturday school and my ride. Oh yeah, I raced one of my students after the Saturday school. I won. Handily. Trust me when I say that my bike did most of the work. Still, call me an old man will you! I think I'm a little ADD. I find focusing on one idea a real challenge, but I'll work on it. Maybe I'll delete these last few lines when I edit this (I know, you can't tell that I edit these entries, but I try).

So back to the food. The ribs were in a small amount of water and coated with HEB brand Memphis BBQ Sauce (love this stuff!) and cooked on low for 9 hours. Then I baked them for 15 minutes at 400 to crisp them a tad with a little more BBQ sauce. I boiled a bunch of asparagus and an ear of corn for two minutes. I strongly prefer my veggies to be a little crunchy, so I never boil for more than about 2 minutes. Often it's much less like 30 seconds, or just enough time to brighten their colors and melt a tiny bit of butter. I also made a spinach salad with a tomato, a hard boiled egg, and some blue cheese dressing (store bought). Finally, after chugging what remained of my orange juice and my third or fourth quart of water, I enjoyed a Boulevard Smokestack Series Saison with my meal. It was quite good, but in terms of Saisons I still love Le Merle. Great Divide's Colette is also mighty fine. I don't know why I'm still awake at 2:00 am. My legs are sore, I nearly fell asleep in my car on my way home, and here I am in front of my computer writing this.

Good night.

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