Monday, March 21, 2011

Lip Smackin' Wiener

#1: I really like the TV show Glee.
#2: If you're listening to Katy Perry as you read this then that's awesome: +5. If you're listening to Pink Martini, then that's more awesome, but worth fewer points (don't shoot the messenger): +3. If you're listening to the new Lady Gaga song, then you're not alone: +4. If you're listening to KXT 91.7: +9. And if you're dancing to anything: +15. I'm a math teacher, so don't question my numbers. Also, I know a thing or two about love.
#3: If you're in the mood for some sausage, then do what I did and take a German Brat and cook it in some already frying onion. Cover it in homebrewed, diacetyl-laced rye ale, and eat it on a bun with greens, condiments, and cheddar and Guinness cheese.

Also: wongvivant, you'd better enjoy this time before the next NCAA games happen, because you're going down.

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