Monday, January 31, 2011

il tomate poscena

elegant. sophisticated. too beautiful to hide in the shadow of a capital.

this is the essence of il tomate poscena. are these real words? shh, mi amore, just open your mouth and let the absurd delight.

half c. flour
quarter c. sugar
one egg
fifth c. milk
two tbs. butter

mix together. pour into small glass pie pan.

one tomato

slice into seven circles and place on batter

half bunch mint
third c. pecan
spoon honey
splash vanilla extract

pestolo en food procesoro. top tomatoes with mint pesto.

sprinkle brown sugar on virgin batter. bake twenty five min. at three fifty. cool only slightly. devour while still hot.

i dedicate this dish to j, the verified originator of the tofu juice rice tip. i love you for three more days.

and ever after.

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